London Assembly investigation into waterway moorings

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In May 2013 the London Assembly began a review of mooring availability in London and the side-effects of overcrowding at mooring sites.

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From an e-mail sent to interested parties (on 4th July 2013)...

There will be a meeting - held in public - on Friday 12 July at 9.30am in Committee Room 3 at City Hall.

The meeting will be used to consider some of the findings from the recent call for evidence. Guests at the meeting are still to be finalised but are likely to include representatives from the Canal and River Trust, the London Borough of Islington, resident associations, boater groups and the Environment Agency.

The meeting will be webcast live here: and a recording will also available on the Committee's web page after the meeting.

Camden Community Radio

Argy Bargey on London's Canals
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Listen to radio interviews (MP3 format)
9 minute clip (0m21s introduction; 1m12s Jenny Jones; 3m00s Ian Shacklock; 7m28s Pete the Boater)

Transcript of radio interviews


London Assembly Report on Moorings on London's Waterways (27th November 2013)