38 Degrees Petition to the Canal and River Trust

In January 2014 a petition started to gain momentum within boating communities and it has spread to a wider audience via social networking. The title of this petition is shown below. It is addressed to the Canal and River Trust and it has drawn public attention towards some strained relationships between the navigation authority and boating communities.

The Friends of Regent's Canal have not yet had a chance to discuss this petition but we are posting some references to it on our website to allow visitors to read about it and form their own opinions. This topic is likely to be raised at our next public meeting (on 19th February)

"Stop evicting disabled, elderly and vulnerable boat dwellers, put an end to the threats of homelessness and meet your Equality Act obligations not to discriminate against people on the grounds of disability, age, pregnancy and responsibility for children."

If you would like to submit any comments on this petition - or on the general situation that has led to this petition - then please please send an e-mail to friendsregentscanal@gmail.com. If we receive a balanced selection of comments that have current or future relevance to the Regent's Canal then we will publish them on this website or discuss them at our next meeting.

Further Information

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CRT response to the petition

'Stop eviction' campaign grows (by Allan Richards. Narrowboat World. 6th January 2014)

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Two separate conditions (by Mike Todd. Narrowboat World. 15th January 2014)

No policy on vulnerable? (by Allan Richards. Narrowboat World. 17th January 2014))

Water Rats (Private Eye, Issue 1358, page 29)

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Comments from subscribers

I personally consider Mike Todd's analysis is very sensible and even handed.
My own reaction to this case was that 'if someone flouts the law, then they have to accept the consequences'. In this case ALL THE WARNINGS WERE GIVEN IN A TIMELY WAY. Those warnings were simply disregarded. Eviction was therefore the ultimate consequence. No one is above the law. A boat dweller on a properly and fully licenced boat, on an authorized residential mooring, on which the rent is up to date, has no such fears of eviction.

Roger Squires